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Title: Breakfast With The Fuzz

Pairing(s): Chanyeol / Baekhyun

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance, drama, police!AU

Warning(s): Mild sexual content; brief mentions of alcohol, drugs and their use; mentions of death and dead bodies (unnamed characters only); brief mentions of anxiety and suicide; brief depiction of police brutality; brief mentions of violence and child abuse; mild homophobia.

Length: ~79,000

Summary: Officer Park Chanyeol is reassigned from a busy city police department to one in a small town, against his wishes. When a beautiful, intriguing parkour enthusiast is arrested and brought in to his new workplace, Chanyeol feels compelled to ask him out for breakfast. He quickly learns that Byun Baekhyun never eats breakfast, hates cops, and has more baggage than a busload of tourists. These things are only minor obstacles to winning him over, as far as Chanyeol is concerned. (Written for BAE 2016)


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