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Title: Back In Five! (Or Maybe Ten)

Pairing(s): Chanyeol/Baekhyun

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Humour, fluff, bakery AU

Warning(s): Language, sexual references

Length: oneshot (~2,000)

Summary: Now that they're happily dating, Baekhyun admits to Chanyeol that he has started using him as a 'model' for his naughty cakes. Chanyeol isn't sure how he feels about it. (A continuation of Sweet N’ Dirty.)

“There,” Baekhyun said, taking a step back to admire his latest phallic masterpiece from a different angle. It was half past seven on a Saturday morning, and there was no one in the shop yet; he’d always loved this time of day the most, when he could put the finishing touches on his creations without any interruptions from pesky customers or the phone ringing a thousand times in the background.

“Can I sprinkle the pubes on yet..?” said a deep voice coming from somewhere behind him; Baekhyun felt his insides melt like butter at the sound.

He smiled to himself and turned around to find Chanyeol standing there, grinning goofily at him; he was holding a bowl of dark chocolate shavings he’d just prepared. Since they’d started dating, Baekhyun sometimes had Chanyeol in the shop on Saturdays to help him and his assistant baker Yixing – although Chanyeol 'helping' usually just meant he got to lick all the batter-covered utensils before putting them in the dishwasher to be cleaned.

“Isn't it beautiful?” Baekhyun cooed at the penis-shaped monstrosity on the counter in front of him. “It's for a bachelorette party.”

Chanyeol looked at the cake; Baekhyun had decorated it with a pink ribbon made out of fondant, which was 'tied' around the head. A trail of sugar pearls coming out of the top ran down along the shaft, arranging themselves into the words ‘HAPPY HENS NIGHT, TIFFANY!’

“Well,” Chanyeol said hesitantly, “it’s certainly unique..”

“Why, thank you,” Baekhyun replied, looking pleased as punch. Chanyeol hadn’t exactly meant it as a compliment, but Baekhyun didn’t seem bothered by this; he took the bowl from Chanyeol’s hands and sprinkled a pinch of chocolate shavings lightly onto the cake. “I've been very inspired lately,” he said, humming as he worked. “I’ll just put it that way.”

“By what?” Chanyeol asked.

Baekhyun looked up from the cake, smiling that infuriating smile that always meant he knew something Chanyeol didn’t. “You,” he said.

Chanyeol stared at Baekhyun blankly. “Me..?”

“Uh-huh… you're my number one muse, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun replied. Very carefully, he lifted the cake from the counter and placed it inside a fresh cake box; taking one last fond look at it, he gently closed the lid, sliding the box to the far end of the counter, where several other finished cakes were awaiting collection.

Chanyeol pointed at the box with a shaking finger. “So that was my—”

“Yes, it was. I'm sharing your pretty little winkie with the world,” Baekhyun said, and then as an afterthought he added, “not that it’s little, mind you..” He licked a bit of frosting off his fingers and walked over to the sink to wash his hands, chuckling to himself as he did so.

“What have you been doing?” Chanyeol asked, horrified. “Taking secret nudes of me while I’m asleep..?”

“I don't need to,” Baekhyun said casually; he began to lather his pretty hands up with pink antibacterial soap from the dispenser next to the sink. “I have a very, very good visual memory, Chanyeol.”

Chanyeol felt a bit sick at the thought. “Who were your creations 'inspired' by previously?” he asked, although he wasn’t sure he really wanted to know; Baekhyun’s conquests prior to their relationship had never really come up in conversation.

Baekhyun laughed softly and shook his hands in the sink to get the excess water off them. “Silly baby,” he sighed. “I thought that much was obvious..”

Chanyeol's eyebrows shot up. “You..?”

Baekhyun only laughed and shook his head. “Of course, dummy... I’ve seen it every day of my life for the past twenty-six years, so I know damn well what it looks like by now. Who else would I use..?”

“So... Jongdae’s cake...” Chanyeol said slowly, “that was yours..?”

Baekhyun was too busy pulling a freshly baked chocolate sponge from the oven to reply at first; he pierced the cake with a metal skewer, checking to see if it came out clean. “It sure was,” he said at last.

“So in other words, I let my friends eat a cake shaped like my boyfriend's penis,” Chanyeol said, his lips pressed into a thin line. “I am so not comfortable with that, just so you know..”

Baekhyun shrugged. He wiped the skewer on his apron before chucking it into the sink with a clatter. “They wouldn’t even have known it was modeled after my dick, Chanyeol. Anyway, it was only a cake.”

“A very realistic one,” Chanyeol grumbled. “A little too realistic, some might say.”

“Well, it could have been worse… you could have given Jongdae a cake model of my ass with 'I'M YOURS' written on it instead,” Baekhyun replied, giggling a little at the thought. “I’m sure that would have gone down a treat..”

Chanyeol sighed and leaned against the counter; he looked on in silence while Baekhyun bustled around the kitchen, gathering the ingredients needed to decorate the cake now cooling on the wire rack next to him. “Good point,” he said at last, “and the cake was delicious... I even had seconds. I just had to try not to think about it too much while I was eating.”

Baekhyun laughed again. “It was lucky I called you back when I did and gave you the right box, you ding-dong..”

“I know. I don’t think I ever thanked you properly for that, did I..?” Chanyeol replied; taking Baekhyun’s hand in his own, he pulled him close and wrapped his arms around him, leaning down to kiss him softly on the lips. “I can still taste the frosting on your tongue,” he whispered when they pulled apart. He smiled and kissed Baekhyun again. “You're delicious..”

Baekhyun didn’t reply; he sighed into the kiss, throwing his arms around Chanyeol’s neck. “I really, really like you,” Chanyeol said quietly, and he stealthily slid his hands underneath Baekhyun’s apron, giving his bum a gentle squeeze.

“Why don't we go into the storeroom for a bit, so you can show me how much you like me..?” Baekhyun whispered back. Chanyeol could hear that he was already a little short of breath.

“It's nearly eight,” he said in a low voice; he slowly licked a stripe up the side of Baekhyun’s neck, making him shudder. “What if someone comes in..?”

“Oh, who gives a shit..”

Having said this, Baekhyun briefly interrupted their make-out session and hurried over to the front door, switching the open/closed sign for one that read back in five!. He then grabbed Chanyeol's hand, pulling him over to the storeroom and shoving him inside. He slammed the door shut behind them and turned to face Chanyeol again, slowly licking his lips in anticipation.

“Kiss me,” he breathed, throwing himself at Chanyeol once more; Chanyeol nodded eagerly and leaned down to kiss Baekhyun again, only he did it too quickly, accidentally head-butting him in the face.

“Ow!” Baekhyun cried out, covering his nose; he sank down to his knees on the tiled floor next to a pile of hessian flour sacks, making loud sobbing noises behind his hands.

“Are you okay..?” Chanyeol asked, horrified. He squatted down next to Baekhyun and began rubbing his back. When Baekhyun finally moved his hands away, Chanyeol noticed with a rush of relief that he was actually laughing, and not crying as he’d previously thought. He exhaled loudly and chuckled a little himself.

“Sorry about that,” he said sheepishly, still rubbing Baekhyun’s back. “I got a bit over-excited again..”

Baekhyun pinched his nose between thumb and forefinger and turned to face Chanyeol. “Is it bleeding?”

Chanyeol shook his head. “Nope.”

“Then I'm fine,” Baekhyun said, yanking Chanyeol down onto the floor with him. “Now hop to it - five minutes isn’t enough for all the things I want to do to you right now… I’m gonna need at least ten.”

Cradling Baekhyun’s face in his hands, Chanyeol kissed him roughly, messily, his tongue slipping between Baekhyun’s parted lips; he felt Baekhyun’s tongue wrap around his, a soft moan escaping his throat. Not content with how they were positioned, Baekhyun broke the kiss and pushed Chanyeol down against the floor, straddling him and kissing him again before pausing briefly to unbutton his black shirt with the pink Sweet N’ Dirty logo embroidered onto the breast pocket. He tossed the shirt aside onto the floor and slid one hand beneath Chanyeol’s sweater, tracing over the rock-hard ridges of his abdominal muscles, feeling them tremble beneath his fingertips. Chanyeol groaned softly and kissed Baekhyun harder, one hand on the back of his head to pull him even closer, the other working its way downwards to loosen the buckle on his belt. “Let me,” Baekhyun whispered, pushing Chanyeol’s hand away; he made quick work of the buckle, moving on to the fly of Chanyeol’s jeans. They both held their breath as he pulled the zipper down, and for a moment the sound it made seemed deafening in the silence of the storeroom.

Before they could go any further, there was a loud knock at the door; they both froze, their heads turning in the direction of the racket.

“Baekhyun?” said a muffled voice through the door. “Are you in there..?”

Chanyeol clamped his hand over Baekhyun's mouth; Baekhyun yanked it away.

Yixing!” he whispered. “He's never this early..”

They both scrambled around to make themselves decent; Chanyeol zipped himself up and pulled his sweater back down, while Baekhyun made a dive for his discarded shirt. He quickly threw it on, shoving his arms through the sleeves, belatedly realising he’d put it on inside-out; swearing under his breath, he tore it off again and put it back on the right way.

“Just a sec..!” he called out to Yixing through the door.

“If we both come out at the same time he is definitely going to know what we were doing..” Chanyeol whispered, looking appalled at the thought.

Baekhyun shook his head and continued to button up his shirt; he couldn’t help smiling a little at the cute expression of concern on his boyfriend’s face. “No, really, it's fine,” he reassured Chanyeol. “Yixing’s adorably clueless when it comes to stuff like that… it’s like he's from another planet or something..”

As soon as his shirt was done up, Baekhyun leapt to his feet and opened the door only halfway in an attempt to keep Chanyeol from view. He poked his head through the gap.

“Hi, Yixing,” he said in a singsong voice, trying to fake his best smile. Yixing blinked back at him with his usual wide-eyed innocence.

“Hi, Baekhyun,” he said; he craned his neck a little to look past Baekhyun into the storeroom, where Chanyeol was still huddled over on the floor, hiding behind some flour sacks he'd just piled up on top of each other. “Oh, hi Chanyeol… I didn't see you hiding back there.”

Baekhyun cleared his throat nervously and smoothed his messy hair down with one hand. “We were, um... we were just having a meeting.”

Yixing looked at Baekhyun blankly. “In the storeroom..?”

Baekhyun bit his lip and nodded. “Yeah,” he replied, “just going through all the stock, seeing what needs to be replenished… completely boring stuff, really, but someone’s got to do it.”

Yixing nodded in understanding. “Ah… well, that's cool, I won’t get in your way. I'll just be setting up out the front while you finish—”

“It's fine,” Baekhyun interrupted; he stepped outside the storeroom and pulled the door shut behind him; then, realising Chanyeol was still in there, he quickly pushed it open again. “We were all done anyway.”

“I so wasn't done..” Chanyeol whispered to Baekhyun when he emerged from the storeroom; his narrowed eyes burned holes into the back of Yixing’s head as the other man made his way towards the front of the shop.

“I know,” Baekhyun whispered back; he pushed Chanyeol ahead of him and swatted him hard on the backside, making him whimper a little. “We'll continue this later.”


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