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Title: These Are Dark Times (But I’m Glad I Have You)

Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance, fluff

Length: Oneshot

Word Count: ~3,800

Warnings: Mild language, sexual references

Summary: When the power goes out in their apartment, Baekhyun and Chanyeol try to make the best of a bad situation.

“This is one hell of a storm...” Chanyeol remarks nervously, peering through the curtains at the torrents of rain pelting against the window. A flash of lightning ignites the sky for a split second, illuminating the clusters of ominous black clouds hovering above the horizon. “You’d think it was the apocalypse or something..”

“Shush,” Baekhyun replies from the couch, where he’s lying with the top half of his body draped over one of the armrests, his eyes glued to the television screen. He leans over to grab the remote from the coffee table, turning up the volume a little before putting it back where he found it. “I'm watching my stories over here..”

Chanyeol rolls his eyes and turns away from the window. “How many times have you seen Shut Up Flower Boy Band, anyway..?”

Baekhyun glances up towards the ceiling for a moment, doing the maths inside his head. "Only five or six, maybe..”

Only five or six, he says..” Chanyeol mutters to himself, shaking his head. TV-watching Baekhyun is his least favourite type of Baekhyun – every night after dinner he pretty much becomes a zombie for two hours, and there’s nothing Chanyeol can do about it. He’s long since stopped trying.

Chanyeol swats Baekhyun’s feet off the couch and flops down next to him with his MacBook perched on his knees, intent on getting some work done while his boyfriend hogs the TV. Baekhyun releases a contented little sigh and rolls onto his back, resting his feet on Chanyeol’s lap without thinking.

“Baek, I'm trying to do some work here,” Chanyeol whines, jiggling his legs beneath Baekhyun’s feet until he moves them away, almost sending the laptop crashing to the floor in the process. An absent-minded shhh is all Baekhyun says in reply, and then he trails off into silence, his gaze still fixed to the screen. “This is a really good part...”

“Why do you even care?” Chanyeol grumbles. “You have the entire box set anyway.”

“Yeah, but… it’s always more exciting when it’s actually on TV..”

Chanyeol looks up at the television, just in time to see the picture disappear completely. Darkness enshrouds the living room, and he turns his head to look at Baekhyun questioningly. Baekhyun looks back at him, the soft glow of the laptop screen lighting up his confused expression.

“Um… what just happened..?” Chanyeol asks, looking around the room.

Baekhyun swears under his breath and reaches over to grab the remote, pressing the power button over and over, as though doing so will actually accomplish something. Sighing, he gives up and tosses it back onto the coffee table.

“Dammit… I think the power’s gone out.”

Chanyeol groans loudly. “I only have 8% battery left, you can’t do this to me..!”

“I didn’t think to charge my phone, either,” Baekhyun replies, using the light from his mobile to guide himself to the window. He stands in front of it, holding the curtains apart with his hands and peering outside.

“I can’t see any lights at all. Looks like the whole street’s in the same boat.”

Chanyeol shuts his laptop down and sighs. “Well, what do we do now..?”

“Time to bust out the candles and wait it out, I suppose,” Baekhyun says with a shrug, returning his phone to his pocket. He moves around the room, gathering up the decorative candles scattered here and there, and assembles them in a circular formation on the coffee table. Chanyeol uses his cigarette lighter to light them all until the living room is bathed in a warm flickering glow, the combined scents of coconut, frangipani and vanilla all mingling together into one pleasant fragrance.

“There,” Baekhyun says with a satisfied nod as he looks around the room. “At least we can see now. And we’ve got the torch in case we need it, but I think we should save that for important things, like going to the bathroom. It could be a while before the power comes back on. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see..”

“You’re quite practical when you want to be,” Chanyeol muses, settling back down on the couch. “So. Now what?”

“Well, I suppose we’ll have to think up some good old-fashioned, electricity-free ways to entertain ourselves,” Baekhyun replies, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

Chanyeol raises an eyebow. “What did you have in mind..?”

Baekhyun only smiles mysteriously and wanders slowly over to the couch, straddling Chanyeol and throwing his arms around his shoulders.

“Well, I’m thinking of something that starts with S..” he whispers, kissing a trail from behind Chanyeol’s ear to the base of his neck.

Chanyeol groans softly, tilting his head a little to the side for Baekhyun’s benefit. He’s pleasantly surprised by the suggestion; making love on the couch has always been one of his favourite pastimes. He likes letting his boyfriend take charge now and then, and there's not a film or TV show on this earth that could beat the sight of Baekhyun having his way with him - but Baekhyun’s esteem for the piece of furniture he calls the 'Holy of Holies' usually rules it out as an option. ‘I don’t want to mess up the couch cushions,’ he always says, so it only ever happens on those rare occasions when they're both too tired and turned on to walk the five metres to their bedroom.

Chanyeol doesn't give a shit about the couch cushions, himself – he'd have Baekhyun on every surface if he could; even on the ceiling, if gravity wasn't a thing. Unfortunately, gravity is a thing - as he'd discovered that one time he tried to pin Baekhyun up against the wall in the shower, and then dropped him accidentally. It always looks so much easier in the movies.

Yes…” he breathes, his hands slowly wandering from Baekhyun’s hips to his backside. “It’s been so long since we did that here..”

“It ends in an E,” Baekhyun continues playfully, kissing his way along Chanyeol’s jawline. “And it has 8 letters in total.”

Chanyeol pushes Baekhyun away. “8 letters?” he asks, confused, and then ponders this for a moment. “It’s not ‘sexytime’, is it..?”

Baekhyun laughs wickedly. “You wish. I was thinking more along the lines of a heated game of Scrabble by candlelight.”

Chanyeol throws his head back against the couch and groans. “That’s boring. What about something fun, like Twister..?”

Baekhyun shakes his head. “Nah.”

“Not even naked Twister..?” Chanyeol asks hopefully.

“Not in the dark,” Baekhyun replies. “We'll probably break something. Or ourselves. Or we might knock over a candle and burn this place to the ground.”

Chanyeol bites his lip. “Naked Twister in bed, minus the mat and the spinny thing..?”

Baekhyun chuckles and gets to his feet. “Nice try,” he says coyly, and then as an afterthought, he adds, “beat me in a game of Scrabble and I’ll think about it.”

Chanyeol just about leaps off the couch to go and forage for the Scrabble board. Challenge accepted.

* * *

“I honestly can’t remember the last time we played an actual board game,” Chanyeol says thoughtfully. He looks at the tiles on the little plastic stand in front of him and frowns. M, E, Z, L, R, A, I. What the hell can he make with that?

“These are dark times we’re living in,” Baekhyun replies glumly. He studies his own letters in silence, repeatedly shuffling them around and humming to himself. “Hurry up and have your turn.”

“It actually isn't too bad,” Chanyeol muses, arranging a group of tiles on the board. “It's kind of like Words With Friends, but crap. There – I just turned ‘question’ into ‘questionnaire’," he says proudly.

Baekhyun peers at the board, his brow furrowed in concentration. “I’m pretty sure ‘questionnaire’ has two N's..” he says.

Chanyeol’s heart sinks. “No it doesn’t..”

“Yes it does.”

“Fine,” Chanyeol sighs, shoving an extra tile between the N and the A. “Happy now?”

“No I’m not, because that’s not an N. That’s a Z turned sideways.”

“Well… how is ‘zygote’ even a word..?” Chanyeol retorts, poking his bottom lip out.

“Zygote is a legitimate word – go look it up,” Baekhyun says wearily. “Also, I don't know if Xerox counts. It's a brand name, technically..”

“You're just jealous because I found a way to use up my X's when you're still stuck with three Q's..”

“You were right,” Baekhyun says with a heavy sigh, pushing the board away. “This is boring..”

Chanyeol’s face falls. “We can’t stop now. I’m winning for once...”

“Well, too bad. I don’t want to play anymore.”

“You always do that!” Chanyeol whines, beating his fists on the carpet in frustration. “You always get bored of a game whenever it looks like I might actually be winning..”

Baekhyun sighs wearily. “If I admit that you won just this once, can we stop playing this game and do something else instead..?”

Chanyeol groans and nods his head reluctantly. “Fine. But you owe me a game of Twister then. Rules is rules.”

“Okay. When the lights come back on, we’ll play Twister,” Baekhyun concedes. “In the meantime, how about a game of hide and seek?”

Chanyeol looks at his boyfriend oddly. “What are we, five..?”

“I’ll make it easy for you,” Baekhyun drawls, slowly getting to his feet and sliding the Scrabble board beneath the coffee table. He hands Chanyeol the torch and blows out all the candles, one by one. “I’ll take off all my clothes and leave them in a trail on the floor so you can find me. Now are you in or not..?”

Needless to say, Chanyeol switches off the torch and promptly begins counting.

* * *

Finding Baekhyun turns out to be much more of a challenge than Chanyeol thought – which doesn’t really make sense, given that their apartment only has five rooms. To make things more confusing, it appears that Baekhyun simply left an item of clothing in the doorway to each room, instead of dropping them in a trail leading to his hiding place like he promised.

Chanyeol groans in dismay. He should have known there was no way Baekhyun would make this easy for him. “Where are you, you cunning little shit..?”

He figures he may as well check the space beneath the bed once more time, shining the torch ahead of him to find his way in the darkness, and he trips over something, falling to his knees on the bedroom floor.

“Are you okay…?” Baekhyun calls out. From the sound of his voice, Chanyeol assumes that he can’t be too far away.

“Yeah,” he replies, rubbing his knee and wincing – that’ll definitely be a bruise in the morning. He points the torch at whatever it was he just tripped over. “I just tripped over one of your stupid sneakers..”

He collapses onto the carpet in defeat with the torch lying next to him, and he hears the faint sound of laughter coming from somewhere in the background.

“Alright, come out,” he yells into the darkness. “I give up…”

Baekhyun suddenly appears from inside the wardrobe, sliding the mirrored door shut behind him. Chanyeol points the torch up at him; he’s grinning like a madman, wearing nothing but his undies and one sock.

“I checked the wardrobe before!” Chanyeol splutters, pointing an accusing finger up at his boyfriend. “You were obviously moving around, you little cheat..”

Baekhyun shrugs. “So you suck at hide and seek… so what? It’s not the end of the world. Do you want to hide now..?”

Chanyeol groans and lets his head fall back onto the floor, one arm covering his eyes. “No, I’m tired of this. I think I’ll just go to sleep right where I am. Wake me up when it’s all over.”

Baekhyun bends down and lifts Chanyeol’s arm off his face, uncovering his eyes. Chanyeol looks up at the shadowed figure looming over him. Without warning, Baekhyun drops his arm again.

“Ouch,” Chanyeol mutters, rubbing his forehead. “What was that for..?"

“I just realised something,” Baekhyun whispers, and he bends down to wrench the torch out of Chanyeol’s other hand before turning on his heel and hurrying out of the room, muttering something about ice cream.

“What?” Chanyeol calls out after him. “What’s wrong..?”

After receiving no reply, he slowly gets up and blindly feels his way towards the kitchen, following the faint glow of light from the torch. He finds Baekhyun sitting at the kitchen table, still nearly naked, with an open carton of vanilla ice cream in front of him.

“It just occured to me that the fridge wasn’t working,” Baekhyun says, sighing as he scoops out a spoonful from the carton. “Everything in the freezer’s going to defrost now. We may as well eat this, it’ll melt soon anyway..”

Chanyeol shrugs and pulls out a seat next to Baekhyun. “I’m game. Where’s my spoon, then..?”

“It’s okay, I’ll feed you, you giant baby..”

Hey,” Chanyeol mutters indignantly; Baekhyun promptly shuts him up by shoving a spoonful of melting ice cream into his mouth. Half of it dribbles down his chin, and Baekhyun leans over to lick it away.

“Your tongue is cold,” Chanyeol whines, grabbing the spoon from Baekhyun and plunging it into the ice cream once more. He holds it in front of his boyfriend’s lips, waving it around teasingly, and Baekhyun eyes it for a moment before leaning forward and taking the entire spoonful into his mouth. He sucks it clean and pulls away, licking his lips slowly, and the spoon falls onto the table with a clatter as he wrestles Chanyeol off his seat and onto the floor.

* * *

“Well… that escalated quickly…” Baekhyun chuckles breathlessly. Chanyeol can’t see him at all now, but he can feel the warmth of his breath when he laughs. In hindsight, letting the torch batteries run out was probably a big mistake – Chanyeol hasn’t the faintest idea how they’re going to find their way around now – but he isn’t too worried. Not being able to see kind of makes the whole situation much more thrilling.

“We haven’t even arrived at the good part yet,” he whispers, feeling around for Baekhyun’s arm and softly kissing from his wrist down to the inside of his elbow. “Now tell me… what’s this..?”

Baekhyun is silent for a moment, but Chanyeol can feel him squirming a little at the ticklish sensation assaulting his tummy. “That feels like… is that my pastry brush..?”

“Very good,” Chanyeol replies. He feels around next to him for the assortment of food and kitchen items he’d assembled on the floor earlier. “And what’s this..?” he asks, brandishing his next secret weapon. He teasingly trails it over what he assumes is Baekhyun’s inner thigh, biting back a chuckle at the whiny sound that escapes the other boy’s lips. He feels Baekhyun’s hand snaking down to grab at it, and he clicks his tongue loudly in disapproval, forcing the hand back over his boyfriend’s head where it belongs.

“Uh-uh – hands above your head. I'm only allowed to touch you, remember? Those are the rules,” he says sternly. “Now, what’s your guess?”

“It feels like the leafy part of a carrot..” Baekhyun whispers, still shivering at the feeling.

“Excellent. You’re very good at this game,” Chanyeol replies, laughing softly. He reaches out to run his fingers over the spaces between Baekhyun’s ribs, making him inhale sharply in surprise. “Okay. What’s this…?”

Baekhyun sighs in frustration. “That’s just your hand, you idiot..”

Chanyeol laughs again and leans forward, his lips hovering just above Baekhyun’s neck. “Uh-huh. And this?” he asks, slowly licking a wet stripe from the base of Baekhyun’s throat up to his pulse.

“Your… your tongue..” Baekhyun moans softly, and Chanyeol smiles against his skin, satisfied at the sound.

“Uh-huh. Very, very good. I think you’ve earned this next one, babe.”

There is silence for a while, and then the sound of something unzipping.

“Is… is that what I think it is..?” Baekhyun whispers breathlessly.

Chanyeol chuckles softly to himself. “Mmm. Maybe.”

Baekhyun is silent for a moment. “But… why is it cold..?” he asks, confused.

Before Chanyeol has a chance to reply, the kitchen is suddenly flooded with bright fluorescent light, blinding them both. Baekhyun gasps in surprise and covers his face with one hand.

“My eyes..!” Chanyeol hisses, dropping the object in his hands onto Baekhyun’s stomach and collapsing against the legs of the kitchen table with a loud thud. Baekhyun blinks in Chanyeol’s general direction, his eyes adjusting to the brightness, and then he stares down at the long, pink tubular thing lying on his naked belly.

“Is that a raw hotdog..?” he asks, frowning.

Chanyeol uncovers his own eyes and looks at Baekhyun, grinning sheepishly. “Yeah… you thought I was poking you with a wiener, didn’t you?” he laughs, and then ponders this for a moment. “Well, the other kind of wiener..”

“It’s still half-frozen, you daft creature..” Baekhyun sighs, shaking his head. He pushes the hotdog off his stomach, and it rolls onto the tiles. “So… I guess we have electricity again, huh..”

Chanyeol nods and looks around at all the bits and pieces strewn all over the kitchen floor. “I suppose so… I should probably put all this shit away now, shouldn’t I..?”

“Wait – I was just beginning to enjoy myself,” Baekhyun interrupts, reaching out to grab Chanyeol’s arm. “You’re very sexy in the dark, you know.”

“Meaning I'm ugly the rest of the time..?” Chanyeol pouts, and Baekhyun gives him a playful shove.

“Nah, you go alright. Anyway, just because everything’s apparently back to normal, it doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Not yet, anyhow.”

“Oh..?” Chanyeol replies absently, swallowing thickly as his eyes drift over Baekhyun’s nearly naked body. He doesn’t know how, but he always seems to forget just how gorgeous Baekhyun is, at least until moments like this when he gets to study him more closely. They haven't had a lot of time for each other lately, and seeing him like this makes Chanyeol’s chest ache with longing for the beautiful boy lying next to him on the kitchen floor, still covered in bits of food from their little kitchen game. The very same boy he's been madly in love with for years now.

“I still owe you a game of Twister,” Baekhyun says quietly, holding on to Chanyeol's hand. He strokes it gently, looking Chanyeol in the eye with a sweet little smile. “Now that we have the lights back on and it's not a hazard in about 3000 different ways, I think we should hop to it..”

Chanyeol considers the offer for a moment. He doesn’t care much for the idea of setting up the Twister mat right now; truthfully, there are other places he'd much rather get his hands on, and they’re all located somewhere on Baekhyun’s body.

“Truthfully, there are other places I'd much rather get my hands on, and they’re all located somewhere on your body,” he says, echoing his thoughts. Chanyeol doesn't have a filter when it comes to things like this.

Baekhyun only laughs and looks at Chanyeol knowingly, like he knows a secret he doesn't want to tell.

“That's what I was getting at, silly,” he whispers, biting his lip playfully. He takes Chanyeol’s hand and presses it against his bare chest, moving it in a slow circular motion to tease one of his nipples. Chanyeol feels the little pink bud become instantly erect beneath his fingers and groans softly. His brain always goes to mush when he's turned on, but right now it's in a completely liquid state. If this goes any further it'll probably evaporate altogether.

Baekhyun’s eyes begin to glaze over and he closes them, rolling his head back against the floor and letting out a little sigh of contentment. “You can put your hands all over me,” he whispers, moving Chanyeol’s hand over his body. “I'll let you touch every single one of my hot spots, baby..”

Chanyeol watches Baekhyun’s rosy lips move as they mouth those magic words; he is mesmerised by the tip of a pink tongue sliding slowly across them, leaving a shiny, moist trail in its wake.

“What about my feet? You need feet to play Twister too..” he jokes, choking on his own laughter a little when Baekhyun guides his hand even lower, over the soft, creamy skin of his stomach, tracing Chanyeol’s index finger around his navel before dipping it inside.

Dammit, Chanyeol thinks, his heart already in overdrive. Baekhyun knows all too well that he has a bellybutton fetish, and although he used to hate it, he’s since learned to use it to his advantage. He's biting his lip again to hide that wicked little smile, and he’s writhing against the cold kitchen tiles, milking his sexiness - and Chanyeol’s rapidly shriveling willpower - for all it's worth.

This isn't fair. Chanyeol could probably hang three hats and an umbrella off his boner right now.

“No feet. But I might let you use your mouth instead,” Baekhyun breathes softly, and Chanyeol’s self-control – whatever was left of it – goes flying right out the window. He yanks his hand free from Baekhyun’s grasp and slips it beneath his head, cradling it gently like a priceless object. Baekhyun only looks up at him in silence, his eyes wet with desire, and licks his lips once more.

Chanyeol softly caresses Baekhyun’s jaw and earlobe with his thumb as he kisses him, soft and slow and desperate, tasting the last traces of sweet vanilla on his tongue. His other hand trails the length of Baekhyun’s thigh, lifting it a little until Baekhyun wraps both of his legs around Chanyeol’s waist, pulling them closer together, their hearts pounding hard against each other.

Baekhyun lifts his head a little when Chanyeol finally pulls away, eager to close the distance between their lips again. He lets out a soft little whine, and Chanyeol smiles at him smugly.

“Does this mean you’re still willing to admit I beat you at Scrabble earlier..?” he whispers, kissing the shell of Baekhyun’s ear.

Baekhyun doesn’t reply; he merely pushes Chanyeol away and gets to his feet.

“Don’t push your luck, buddy,” he says flatly, grabbing Chanyeol by the wrist and dragging him in the direction of the bedroom. He casually allows his boxers to drop to the floor on the way there, pausing for a moment to kick them against the wall before carrying on.

Chanyeol smiles to himself, his eyes glued to Baekhyun’s cute little bum as it bounces along in front of him.

“Meh. It was worth a shot.”


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